Our Umbrella Organizations

Alaska Native Student Association

ANSA is an organization that seeks to celebrate the spectrum of Alaska Native cultures represented at Stanford.

Diné Club

Diné Club is a cultural organization dedicated to maintaining Diné culture at Stanford. We seek to promote community through traditions like Frybread Fridays and regular gatherings.

Indigenous Peoples in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

IPSSAH is a relatively new organization under the SAIO umbrella. Its goal is to connect indigenous students with others who are interested in the social sciences.

Indigenous Queers

IQ is a student support group for Natives who identify with the LGBT community and/or the Two Spirits tradition. We hope to promote representation and recognition of our shared identities through community building.

Natives Into Medicine

NIM strives to provide indigenous students with the resources and experience necessary to begin successful careers in medicine.

Natives in Pre-Law

A pre-professional leadership program that focuses on preparing indigenous students for the unique challenges they will face as pre-law students. Students meet to get help with LSAT prep, and listen to guest speakers about their experiences with Indian law.

Northern Plains

Providing a space for all people of the Plains to come together and foster community.

Pueblos of the Southwest

A small group dedicated to sharing our similar but also varied cultures, by coming together and talking about our homes, traditions, and the difficulties that can come with being away from home at Stanford.

Tribes of the Southeast

Seeks to provide an opportunity for students indigenous to the Southeast to build community.

Stanford Native American Graduate Students

Stanford Native and Indigenous Lifting

A group dedicated to promoting community through lifting and other sports activities.